Sageable Workshop: Leading Remote Technology Teams

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In a post-COVID world, Remote & Hybrid is the Future of Work, allowing better work-life balance, improving productivity and efficiency, and enabling leaders to attract and retain the best talent. However, most technology managers do not have the skills they need to lead this shift. As ‘Return To Office’ mandates fail, many see their own jobs at risk.

Sound familiar? Then sign up today for this in-depth 4-hour Sageable Workshop on Leading Remote Technology Teams to learn essential strategies and skills for leading remote & hybrid technology teams. Hosted by highly experienced and successful remote leaders, you will cover more topics AND go much deeper, as you learn and build your own unique approach to remote leadership, leveraging proven theories and practices, aligned to your business and your leadership style.

Through both trainer-led and self-paced learning, you will learn to apply known good practices by preparing your own action-oriented worksheets. You will be ready to implement your new leadership approach and immediately put your prepared action plans to work with your remote and hybrid teams.

Become a Sageable-Certified Remote Leader, and learn how to:

  • Inspire and measure performance without a physical presence
  • Foster innovation and collaboration with a distributed team
  • Ensure security, compliance, and governance for remote workplaces
  • Attract, develop, and retain better talent – without walking around!

Strategic Learning Outcomes Include:

  • How to effectively secure remote and hybrid workspaces to maintain critical cybersecurity, governance, and compliance requirements while still enabling a productive workforce
  • Building a positive and productive culture with remote teams, as a remote leader, to enable your team to deliver on-time, on-budget, with innovative ideas and aligned outcomes.
  • Fostering technology innovation at a distance, through better remote and hybrid collaboration, evaluation, experimentation, and more – from ideation through roadmap and into production
  • Evaluating, selecting, and adopting new technologies to improve collaboration, innovation, communication, productivity, including leveraging AI, GenAI, and ChatGPT for remote work
  • Improving your teams’ productivity, efficiency, and business impact by deciding, defining, measuring, and managing key ‘metrics that matter’, tailored especially to your business goals
  • Hosting effective remote meetings and offsites with remote and hybrid teams, including differing approaches for virtual vs. in-person meetings, and effective action plans for remote execution
  • Understanding, selecting, building, and implementing new organizational structures, establishing new leaders, roles, and responsibilities to help you turbocharge remote and hybrid teaming
  • Finding, hiring, and onboarding remote and hybrid staff, with a focus on beating out legacy and in-office hiring managers in attracting and retaining unique, skilled, and diverse remote talent

Key Deliverables and Takeaways Include:

  • 4 hours of in-person expert coaching – either remote or onsite
  • 2 hours of additional ad hoc coaching – available remotely
  • Comprehensive training guide to share with your peers
  • Action worksheets to guide you in executing your plans
  • 1 year access to Sageable Research for ongoing insights
  • Certificate of completion for your HR/Training system
  • Certification badge for posting to LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.


Virtual online Sageable Workshops are regularly scheduled. Enquire to learn more about upcoming sessions, or learn more about our customized scheduling and content options.

Flexible scheduling options include a personal 4-hour virtual/online workshop, group workshops held virtually/online, in-person group workshops (either onsite or offsite), flexible timing to spread out your learning over time, self-paced and video options for different learning styles, bespoke sessions for remote timezones, or additional deep coursework on specific topics.

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Limited introductory pricing is as follows:

  • Virtual group workshop delivered online – $995 per person
  • In-person group workshop delivered onsite – $1495 per person + T&E

Additional discounts are available for group, onsite, and Sageable subscribers. Contact us to learn more about flexible workshop pricing!  

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