Welcome to Sageable, a trusted advisor focused on helping business leaders succeed through digital transformation and technology innovation.

About Sageable

Think of Sageable as your sometime, part-time, fractional, interim, or ‘virtual Chief Technology Officer’ (vCTO). Whether you are a business leader driving digital transformation in an enterprise, or a software leader delivering technology innovation to enterprise customers, a Sageable vCTO will help you survive, and thrive!

Some of our available vCTO Services include:

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Innovation Planning 
  • Product Planning  
  • M&A Consulting 
  • Investment Insight 
  • Board of Directors
  • Remote/Hybrid Teaming
  • Board of Advisors 
  • Market Sensing 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Thought Leadership 
  • Original Research 
  • Sales Enablement 
  • Vendor Selection 
  • GTM Execution 
  • Cybersecurity Assessment 
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance Programs 
  • Independent Analyst  
  • Trusted Advisor Programs 
  • …and much more! 

Click here to learn more about what a Sageable vCTO can do for you! And if you don’t see exactly what you need, please connect directly so we can work together on a custom solution for your business.  

How to Engage a Sageable vCTO 

Sageable can provide vCTO services to suit you, whether for a one-off project, recurring ad hoc consults, fixed price for guaranteed hours, retainer with discounted hours, short-term contract FTE, or as a full-time-equivalent CTO. Tell us what you need, and we will work with you to make it happen together. 

Start the process right now: 

E-mail us at BeTheFuture@Sageable.com

Call us on +1-(303)-704-0931

Tweet us on @Sageable, or connect with our Global CTO & Founder on @AndiMann

Look for us on LinkedIn at LinkedIn.com/Company/Sageable

“I really need a [insert your CxO title here], can Sageable still help me!?” 

Probably, yes! A Sageable vCTO can fill most technology leadership roles. Sageable vCTOs have partnered with, and in many cases taken on the full responsibilities of, a Chief Product Officer (CPO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Innovation Officer (confusingly, also CIO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Chief Data Officer ( the other ‘CDO’), Chief Digital Innovation Officer (CDIO), Chief Evangelist/Chief Advocate, and even Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).  

A vCTO from Sageable can help you cover all these roles (and more) with their expertise and experience in Product Management, Service Delivery, Technology Innovation, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, Marketing Technology, Technology Strategy, and more. Contact us to learn how Sageable can be so much more than a virtual CTO, to help you succeed across multiple areas of your business.