Sageable Services

As your trusted advisor, Sageable provides a range of business technology advisory services to help business leaders drive digital transformation within an enterprise or software leaders deliver technology innovation to their enterprise customers. 

Some of the Sageable Trusted Advisor services that will help you survive and thrive are as follows – click the ‘+’ to expand and learn more: 

+ ‘Trusted Advisor’ Programs 

Whether you are ‘selling’ your technology vison to customers, partners, your manager, your CEO, or your Board, a trusted advisor from Sageable will partner with you to build and present the critical insight and understanding necessary to ensure your vision lands with stakeholders and delivers business results – from ad hoc research-based advice for your next Strategy Planning or Board Meeting, to building and running ongoing programs like your Customer Advisory Board or Executive Brief Center.

+ Independent Analysis 

Most big analyst firms are irretrievably conflicted, only covering the vendors that pay them, ‘tweaking’ reports to help their biggest customers, playing multiple clients off against each other. By contrast, Sageable covers a range of markets independently, regardless of client subscribers. We will happily take your call, even without a subscriber contract! Don’t throw money away on the ‘analyst tax’ – or at least make sure to ‘trust but verify’ your existing analysts. Get an independent second opinion from Sageable – a truly independent analyst who works for you!

+ Customer Engagement 

Sageable can provide a uniquely engaging, authoritative, and entertaining technology leader to engage customers and prospects at your next event – from an intimate prospect dinner or ‘birds of a feather’ roundtable, to a formal Account Based Marketing event or Lead Generation webinar. Sageable has engaging hosts with unique research, compelling insights, and deep expertise communicating with (and selling to!) customers, from individual contributors to senior executives, to help you to engage, educate, and excite your customers, partners, and prospects.

+ Marketing Content 

A trusted advisor from Sageable will work with you to provide fresh and exciting multi-media ‘thought leadership’ content for your internal or external audiences – including sales collateral, discussion guides, leave-behinds, blog posts, social media engagements, journal articles, white papers, ghost-writing, and more. Talk to Sageable about how our authoritative expertise, insightful commentary, and original research can engage customers ad prospects, fill your sales and marketing funnel, create deeper awareness, and drive customer engagement at every step of your lead-nurture workflow. 

+ Public Speaking 

Sageable trusted advisors are in-demand as public speakers, with experience delivering highly-rated keynotes, breakouts, and seminars at live, virtual, hybrid, and recorded events including at WebSummit, Collision, Gartner Symposium, DevOps Summit, Cloud Computing Expo, IDC Directions, DevOps Days, CA World, Splunk.conf, AWS: re:Invent, VMworld, and many more. With proven results at events ranging from technical meetups to live keynotes for 15,000 or more attendees, an expert guest speaker from Sageable will help you deliver your business goals.

+ Market Research

Sageable advisors have designed, executed, and authored dozens of original research reports, both public and private, for many of the world’s most successful global technology brands, publishing ground-breaking primary research, both short- and long-form, on Innovation, Automation, Cloud Computing, Software Delivery, and more. Talk with Sageable about how you can get the inside track and beat your competitors with data and insight. 

+ Sales Enablement 

Sageable advisors have enabled individual sellers and leaders – from pre-sales engineers to CROs – to retire $billions in quota across the world. Working with your leaders, Sageable will transfer actionable knowledge on market dynamics, key technologies, sales strategies, effective prospecting, funnel progression, objection handling, CxO priorities, technical selling, partner co-selling, competitive SWOT, RFx response, from recorded coursework for onboarding to live at your Sales/Pre-Sales off-site or Technical/Sales Kick-Off (TKO/SKO). 

+ Strategic Planning 

Sageable advisors have decades of experience building and executing strategic plans with CxOs at the world’s most successful businesses. Whether an ad hoc seminar, multi-day workshop, or ongoing review, Sageable will help you with market analysis, segmentation, company and product vision, competitive insight, team structures, brainstorming and ideation, technology enablement, go-to-market models, and more, as a first-class technology business partner for you and your senior leaders. 

+ Innovation Planning 

Sageable advisors are proven innovation drivers with measurable success building and executing market-making and revenue-generating innovation programs. From ad hoc advisory sessions on new technologies to building and running a full end-to-end Innovation Program, an experienced Sageable advisor will help you with planning, market review, brainstorming, ideation, hackathons, gating reviews, partner engagement, new product introduction, customer feedback, patent applications, and more 

+ Remote/Hybrid Teaming

As post-COVID expectations clash with a perpetual ‘skills gap’, an experienced Sageable advisor will help you research, plan, establish, and lead a flexible, high-performing team that adapts to this ‘new normal’. From hybrid remote, to full-time work-from-home, or even ‘work-from-wherever-whenever’, ask us how Sageable will help you define your ‘Future of Work’, so you can retain your best talent today and attract the best new talent tomorrow, with cost-effective programs that drive your teams’ engagement and productivity.

+ Product Planning  

Whether you need to establish a new Product Vision, align Product with Corporate Strategy, define product-market fit, uncover competitive opportunities, gather customer requirements, prioritize roadmap commits, enable new teams to drive product, build features to close key deals, integrate new partners, drive build-buy-partner decisions, or just establish a product planning process that works for your business, a Sageable advisor can manage your Product Lifecycle from idea to cash cow … and beyond!  

+ M&A Consulting 

Sageable advisors have provided in-house leadership and independent advisory services to tech buyers and sellers for hundreds of M&A transactions, both material and ‘tuck-in’, totaling many billions of dollars invested. A Sageable advisor will help you to research markets, uncover M&A opportunities, establish dialog, perform due diligence, manage risk, make build-buy-partner decisions, establish differentiation, manage onboarding, and compose messaging for staff, press, analysts, and customers. 

+ Investment Insight 

Sageable is not an accredited investment advisor, but as market experts, our team consults with investment clients through multiple ‘Expert Networks’, including the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), AlphaSights, Coleman Research, Guidepoint, and Third Bridge. If you are in Private Equity, Venture Capital, or otherwise investing in tech, look for Sageable and our Global CTO & Founder, Andi Mann, on your preferred expert network to book a consult – at exclusive and highly competitive hourly rates. 

+ Board of Directors/Board of Advisors 

Leading businesses recognize that technology must be a ‘first class citizen’ in their strategy, and are increasingly adding technology expertise to their boards to drive digital transformation and technology innovation. A Sageable advisor will help you with the technology understanding that is critical to business success, whether as a full-time representative on your Board of Directors, a technology expert on your Board of Advisors, or a consultant to help you talk technology with your Board(s) and business advisors. 

+ Market Sensing 

Every Sageable advisor is highly expert at researching and interpreting tech markets, drawing on decades of experience, insight, and research data, not only to detect and react to extant industry trends, but also to predict and drive them, even creating new markets, contributing to $billions in total client revenues. Sageable will help you understand your market forces, strengths and weaknesses with independent research and analysis to put you ahead of market trends, and ahead of your competitors! 

+ Technology Leadership Coaching

As a Technology Leader, you spend so much time and effort looking after others, that the last thing you think about is developing your own skills and career. Put yourself back in the picture with an experienced, independent, and successful Sageable advisor to help you. Ask us how our mentoring and coaching services will help you address your leadership challenges, build your strengths, address your weaknesses, and accelerate you career. Whether ad hoc, or on a long-term basis, we are here to help you succeed!

+ Technology Vendor/Partner Selection 

Whether you need a broad-based solution review, market landscape to identify a long-list or short-list, identification and outreach to prospective technology partners, guidance on initial POC or MVP deployment, pricing research and negotiation advice, independent creation and/or execution of an RFI/RFP/RFT process, data-driven financial/ROI analysis, vendor onboarding and integration, or ad hoc consulting services to assist as needed, Sageable will help you find the best tech for your business.

+ Go-To-Market Execution 

From demand- and lead-gen to direct sales support, a Sageable vCTO can help you with sales and pre-sales enablement, market insight and segmentation, build-buy-partner decision-making, message testing and validation, partnership evaluation and integration, and even direct in-person customer-facing sales support. Talk with us about anything from a one-hour virtual seminar to joining you in person, on-site, as you visit your prospects, customers, and partners, to help you close critical deals. 

Or tell us what you need!

A Sageable ‘Trusted Advisor’ can help you with anything a full-time CTO, CPO, CIO, or CDO can do, and a whole lot more! We will work with you on your requirements, even if we do not have a boxed offer that fits your needs. Ask us about our customized offers for Competitive Intelligence, Executive Briefings, Maturity Assessments, DevOps Workshops, Product Analysis, and more.  

Some of the many areas a Sageable vCTO can work with to you help you achieve your goals include: 

Technology Innovation, Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, High-Growth Technologies, Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Alliance/Partner Development, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Data Governance, Regulatory Compliance, Enterprise Systems, Enterprise Applications, Cloud Management, Trend Research, Portfolio Management, Vendor Management, Influencer Relations, Analyst Relations, Product Vision, Talent Development, Remote Work, DevOps, Process Automation, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Observability (O11Y), Agile Development, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), New Product Introduction, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI), Computer Vision, Mobile/Edge Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Data Analytics, Serverless Computing, Microservice Architectures, Function-as-a-Service, Low-Code/No-Code, API-based Development, and much more!  

And if you don’t see what you need, just ask. Contact us now and we can co-create a Sageable engagement that works for your business – and your budget!