Embracing Generative AI: Opportunities and Challenges for Companies in 2023

Embracing Generative AI: Opportunities and Challenges for Companies in 2023

Greetings everyone! Andi Mann here, Global CTO & Founder of Sageable. I recently had the pleasure of participating in the eWEEK Tweet Chat to discuss the revolutionary concept of Generative AI (#GenAI) hosted by the esteemed James Maguire (@JamesMaguire on Twitter X), with a cast of impressive experts from across the tech industry. Click the link above to see all the questions; and search #eweekchat on Twitter X to see all the responses and the lively conversation on this topic too; but in this blog post, I’ll summarize my own key insights and takeaways from this engaging conversation.

1. The Promise of Generative AI

James opened the chat asking for overall perspectives on #GenAI. I acknowledged its disruptive potential, as it already excels in numerous tasks, particularly with supervision. Although I hope for positive outcomes, we must be prepared to tackle the challenges that accompany this advanced technology.

2. How Companies Approach Generative AI

Regarding the current handling of Generative AI by companies, I highlighted that most organizations are actively experimenting with its capabilities. Various industries, including product marketing, IT operations (#ITOps), and development (#DevOps), are exploring its potential. Some companies have found success using #GenAI as an auxiliary tool for generating code, queries, and providing operational knowledge.

3. Near-Term Threats and Concerns

Addressing the potential threats posed to companies by #GenAI in 2023, I emphasized that the biggest risk comes from insiders. Misuse or negligence by employees may lead to data breaches, privacy issues, and regulatory non-compliance. Additionally, there is a growing concern about the increased efficacy of phishing, social engineering, and other cyber-attacks facilitated by #GenAI.

4. Overcoming Generative AI Challenges

To address these challenges, I suggested that companies establish small innovation teams focused on #GenAI. Collaboration across business boundaries can lead to iterative improvements, uncovering opportunities for innovation. Early emphasis on governance, control, security, and privacy will help create a robust policy around #GenAI adoption.

5. Guidelines for Employees

For employees interested in exploring #GenAI at work, I advised them to familiarize themselves with their company’s policies on the matter. Starting with creative tasks, such as using #GenAI as an assistant for generating reports or updates, can be a productive way to experiment responsibly.

6. Leveraging Generative AI for Competitive Advantage

On the positive side, I highlighted that #GenAI offers excellent opportunities in knowledge-based creative aspects of business, including marketing, communications, training, and documentation. Companies can leverage #GenAI to enhance various IT functions too, like software engineering, #DevOps, #SRE, and #ITOps, leading to improved services, better security, faster releases, and fewer problems.

7. Enduring Challenges and Preparing for the Future

Looking ahead, the challenges posed by #GenAI are manifold, with potential impacts ranging from individual fraud to macroeconomic consequences. Companies must remain vigilant against both external and internal threats. To prepare for an unpredictable AI future, I recommended adopting a structured approach to innovation, where ideas flow into roadmaps, leading to iterative progress.

8. A Last Big Thought

In closing, I emphasized the need for technology leaders, especially #CTO and #CIO, to prioritize #GenAI adoption. Staff members are already experimenting with it, so empowering them to evaluate and adopt #GenAI safely, securely, and in alignment with corporate goals, is vital for staying competitive.


The #eweekchat was an exhilarating experience, and I extend my gratitude to James Maguire and @eWEEKNews for hosting such an insightful discussion. If you wish to delve deeper into building an innovation flywheel for #AI or any other topic, feel free to reach out to Sageable. Until next time!